Thursday, October 24th is Global Oneness Day and United Nations Day! I love this! Why?

Patients have taught me over and over that as we are dying, we are the same. Actually, I believe as we live and die, even with our differences, we are essentially the same.

These are some of the questions some ask me:

“Can you keep me comfortable? Physically, emotionally, spiritually? Even if I’m still fighting pain in my heart, my soul, my mind?”

“Does God really love even me? Even if I’m not perfect? Even if I’m a society outcast? Even if I’m still trying to forgive someone? Even if I haven’t been to a church or synagogue in years?”

“Will I be alone when I die or will there be others from the other side come? Even if I’m not sure? Even if I…?”

You see, it doesn’t matter how much money we have or how big our house is or how many degrees we’ve earned, or how poor we are or if we are homeless or if we haven’t been educated. We are all connected. We are all One Human Family.

We must wrap our hearts and our brains around the notion of caring for all: each and every person, Mother Earth: her animals, plant kingdom, waters, air, soil, rocks! We are the keepers, the guardians…yes, each one of us!

What will it take for us to lay our weapons down? I don’t have a clue. I just know that as we die it doesn’t matter if we are Democrat or Republican, Baptist or Jew, rich or poor, American or Aborigines, vegan or meat-eater…

We all have a heart and a soul. We all bleed. We all need Love. We all need to give Love.

Thursday, pull out the kids’ globe or get out the giant world map and then close your eyes and point to a spot. Open your eyes and then pray for that nation, study her people, etc. And get the kiddos involved to do the same. Next week, pick another spot.

He’s got the whole wide world in His hands!!

2 replies on “WE ARE ONE”

  1. Dia Osborn says:

    We really are all one. Bravo on you for declaring it from the rooftops Becki! I love that you’re posting again!

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