BEYOND STATISTICS – Beyond Nursing 101

This month is a time of celebrating, thanking, and remembering nurses. I caught myself thinking of so many worthy nurses in my career. If I started naming all of them here I wouldn’t have enough space!!
One in particular was coming forward in my thoughts this morning. She died, or as I like to say ‘transitioned’, to her heavenly home a few years ago. But in my memory banks she is still alive.
When I first met her I thought she had more energy than all of us in the Home Health/Hospice agency I was working in with her. She was about 15 years older than me and put me to shame with passion for each day and each patient!
I would not have known all the extra she did in each home had it not been for the patients and/or their family members telling me when I also made a visit to them a day or so after Virginia had. Not only did she do a thorough assessment of her patient: appetite, weight, pain management, strength, wound care, vital signs, safety concerns, ambulatory status, skin integrity, and on and on….But she also checked their cabinets in the kitchen and the refrigerator and freezer to see if they had plenty to eat. Then she would counsel them on a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet! AND if they did not have enough money to support a healthy menu, she would go to the store and buy fruits and vegetables, etc. for them!
She always offered to pray with them if they wanted prayer. She would visit some of them on her days off from work to just sit with them for a while and listen to their concerns.
I found out later from her husband that she also before working with us, took care of her Mother and her Mother-n-law in side by side hospital beds in her home when the two of them were needing full time care physically and was with them both when they died.
Ranks right up there with sainthood in my mind!
We all have our talents in the nursing profession. I so admire those who work in ER! And those who care for babies that weigh less than 4 pounds! Those who work in the burn unit! Those in labor and delivery! Well, I could go on and on. One of the best things about nursing is the diversity!
Same thing applies to any career, any life. We each have our God-given talents and our choices in education and where we want to spend our talents and how.
And we can choose to be more like my friend Virginia regardless of your chosen career. These patients continue to teach me over and over that we are One Human Family, that we really are all connected. We choose what kind of energy we want to bring into a hospital room, a judge’s chambers, a restaurant, a business, you name it!
How will you be remembered? What kind of footprints do you want to leave here on Earth? How will your grandchildren speak of you after you are gone? You are here with purpose for a very brief journey even if you live to be 110. Own it!! And give thanks for it!!

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